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In Cloud

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In Cloud

In Cloud is an FTP + SFTP file transfer client that focuses on speed, reliability and simplicity.

The app was designed to provide users with a really simple way to upload/download/rename/move and delete files, both remotely and locally, from any iOS device.

Suitable for anybody, like ourselves, with headless Media servers or web/software developer with online content.

Features include:
– Ability to store unlimited server connections in app
– Integrated 1Password® App extension for easy retrieval of connection credentials
– FTP protocol support
– SFTP protocol support
– Local file management
– Favourites support for quick navigation to key directories
– Local ZIP and UnZIP functionality
– Basic syntax highlighting for a range of programming scripts
– Open local file in another app or export to iCloud Drive and Dropbox
– Create, Delete, Move, Upload and Download operations
– Multi-file Move and Delete operations
– Turn your iOS device into a pocket web server for easy access to your local files from any web-ready device connected to the same network.

Developed Using

Swift 2.0


February 10, 2015


Featured, iOS